Master Fusion System Maintenance and Care

The Master Fusion Series systems all require annual maintenance to ensure they're effectiveness.  The ozone generators on Master Fusion products are delivered factory tested, calibrated, and adjusted for maximum efficiency and long life.  Simple maintenance and appropriate operating conditions are the only requirements to keep the units functioning within manufacturer's specifications. Each ozone generator contains a housing for the circuitry, tubing, and corona discharge cell. There are a few essential practices to maintaining and cleaning the ozone generator.

User Settings

The user settings should always be checked and maintained.  There are three key user settings that can be adjusted, based on the given application:

  • Hardness setting (default is 10)
    • Controls the metered regeneration frequency
    • The hardness is set based on influent contaminants and their concentrations
    • 1 ppm Iron = 5 gpg, 1 ppm Manganese = 10 gpg, 1 ppm Sulfur = 28 gpg*
    • Use when a Fusion is being used to reduce “nuisance” bacteria
    • Use when a Fusion is being used as a standalone solution for iron and/or manganese
  • Day override (default is 3)
    • Controls the day override regeneration frequency (will regenerate every x number of days regardless of usage)
    • Should generally not be adjusted to more than 3 days
  • Regeneration Time (default is 1:00 AM)
    • Controls the time of day the unit will regenerate when necessary

Brine Elbow Check Valve Replacement

If the brine elbow check valve needs to be replaced (at least once annually), follow the steps below.

  1. Remove red brine elbow retainer clip by pulling it out.
  2. Remove the brine elbow assembly by lifting it up and out of the valve body.
  3. Remove the brine elbow check valve (easily removed with needle nose pliers).
  4. Lubricate the o-ring on new check valve.
  5. Insert the new check valve into the brine elbow o-ring end first.
  6. Inspect the edge of the inserted check valve to make sure the o-ring did not roll.
  7. Make sure the brine elbow stop is in the brine elbow control valve opening.
  8. Reinsert the brine elbow assembly into the control valve.
  9. Reinsert the red brine elbow retainer clip.

Corona Cell Removal and Cleaning

The corona cell should be cleaned annually. Depending on the environment in which the system exists, the corona cell may need to be cleaned more frequently, such as in high humidity environments. Below are instructions for removing, cleaning, and reconnecting the corona cell.

  • Removing the Corona Cell 
    1. Unplug the control valve and ozone generator power supplies
    2. Remove the 6 screws from the generator cover, and remove the cover
    3. Remove the air stone from the air draw tubing
    4. Pull the air draw tubing through the generator box opening
    5. Disconnect the ozone tubing from the brine elbow
    6. Pull the ozone tubing through the generator box opening
    7. Disconnect the circuit board connection clip from the generator circuit board (pull to the left when facing the circuit board)
    8. Pull the corona cell towards you, and out of the corona cell mounting clamps


  •  Cleaning the Corona Cell 
    1. The corona cell needs to be cleaned with clean water
    2. Ideally R.O. or DI water
    3. Collect the water with a syringe
    4. Insert the syringe into the end of either the air draw or ozone tubing
    5. Insert the other tube into an empty container
    6. Use the syringe to flush water through the corona cell, and collect the water
    7. Repeat this process until the water coming out of the corona cell is clear


  • Reassembling the Corona Cell and Ozone Generator
    1. After flushing, the corona cell needs to be dried before being connected to power.
    2. Apply forced air to the inlet of either the air draw or ozone tubing until no water comes out of the corona cell
    3. Allow the corona cell to air dry.
    4. After the corona cell has been dried, reassemble the ozone generator in reverse order of the disassembly.
    5. Alternatively, replace the existing corona cell with a new one, and reassemble the ozone generator in reverse order of the disassembly.
    - It is recommended to stock some corona cells.  Since the corona cells are cleanable, you can use cleaned corona cells from your       inventory, and clean corona cells being replaced to rotate back into your stock.