New Ozotech Enhanced Oxidation Generator

Features and Benefits of the New O3 Combo Board

  • Power Optimized Circuit
  • 9 to 15VDC power input
  • Automatic or Manual frequency adjustment mode (programmable)
  • Manual potentiometer connected adjusts operating frequency; directly correlates to ozone output
  • Frequency optimization 15 times/second (Automatic mode)
  • Adjustment process starts over once per minute
  • Diagnostic LED

The New Ozotech Enhanced Oxidation Generator is more compact and more powerful than previous models, but it still mounts directly over the injector cap for easy access for maintenance.

The New Ozotech Enhanced Oxidation Generator now includes a check valve on the brine line for easier access and maintenance.

12 Function Diagnostic LED Indicator

The Ozotech Enhanced Oxidation Generator control board utilizes an onboard diagnostic LED light to convey real-time performance status of the unit. The control board within the unit has several inputs and outputs.

  • A green light will blink softly/slowly if the unit is powered, but the Pilot Input is off.
  • A green light will blink quickly during the high voltage on-delay time. This is the time between when the Pilot Input is supplied 12V and the high voltage finally turns on.
  • A solid green light indicates the high voltage output is ON, stable, and not under-current.
  • A solid red light indicates the high voltage output is unstable. This occurs when the ozone cell is completely flooded, or an unstable operating frequency has been selected (manual adjustment mode).
  • An alternating green/red light (twice a second) indicates the high voltage output is stable, but current is less than the value set by the configuration limit. This will occur when smaller amounts of water or nitric acid are in the cell.
  • A quickly flashing red light (red on/off only, no green) indicates the auxiliary output signal lines “N.C.” or “N.O.” are shorted.
  • An orange light indicates the programmed maintenance time has expired and it’s time to clean the cell and perform any other system maintenance required. All “green” functions are simply now orange.  So instead of a solid green light during normal stable operation, it’s a solid orange light. Instead of a fast blinking green light during the high voltage startup delay, it’s now a fast blinking orange light.    All red lights remain simply red.
  • Programmable features
    • On-board serial port to connect to computer for programming
    • On/Off delay programmable
      • High Voltage ON-Delay measured from when the Pilot turns ON until the high voltage is activated
      • Aux Signal ON-Delay measured from when the Pilot turns ON until the “NO/NC” outputs toggle.
    • Frequency adjustment (9kHz to 18kHz)
    • Under-current limit set point
      • Unit will cease HV output when threshold is reached, assuming a flooded cell.
    • 1-Year filter counter
      • Reminder alarm to clean, and/or replace the Corona Discharge Cell and other recommended system maintenance
      • Month, day, minute, and hour configurable
      • On-board reset switch to reset alarm
      • Only functional after alarm has triggered to prevent accidental resets