Total Dissolved Solids

Any water analysis report will provide the standard information including pH, hardness, alkalinity, and TDS.  TDS or Total Dissolved Solids is somewhat underappreciated and overlooked in terms of water chemistry and treatment.  Total Dissolved Solids Read more

The Kinetics of Iron and Manganese Removal

Iron and Manganese are the most common metals we deal with as contaminants in the water treatment industry.  Their presence can generate objectionable tastes, odors, staining, and coloring of anything they come into contact with.  The methods for Read more

The Master Water Satin Series: MCA Smart Technology and High Efficiency Systems

Water softening technology has changed dramatically over the last 30 years.  Consumers and homeowners are well aware of the financial and aesthetic benefits of soft water.  The increasing demand from an increasingly knowledgeable consumer base has Read more

Tubing Connection For Topper WOW RO Air Gap Faucet

The figure below shows the tubing connections for the Topper WOW RO Air Gap Faucet. Refer to page 29 of the installation manual for preparing the RO Faucet for installation.  For installation videos, visit the topper site Read more

Radionuclides: Uranium and Radium

Sources of Uranium and Radium So you've just had your water tested and the lab results are telling you that you've got radionuclides. Radionuclides are radioactive isotopes or unstable forms of elements.  Radioactivity is the release of energy, Read more

The Master Water Clarifier Series

The Master Water Clarifier Series is the ultimate whole home water filtration system for reducing dirt, acid, iron, and offensive tasting water.  A prevailing home water challenge is preventing corrosive water and reducing leaching of unhealthy Read more

The Master Water Alliance Series

The Master Water Alliance Series space saving technology combines two separate water treatment solutions in one.  The Alliance Series offers treatment solutions for corrosion, chlorine, taste, odor and other impurities through filtration in addition Read more

Iron Staining or Pink Slime?

Almost everyone has noticed that pink or red slime slime that forms on wet surfaces or near the water line in their toilet.  Whether its a dog bowl, faucet, shower doors and tiles, or bathroom floors, they are susceptible to this phenomenon.  But Read more

Chlorine vs Chloramine: Whats the difference?

Water municipalities are required by law to disinfect water that is to be used for public consumption.  For most of the 20th century, chlorine and chloramine have been added to public drinking water because they are strong oxidizers and disinfectant Read more

WQA Convention & Exposition 2019 Las Vegas, Nevada

    Master Water Conditioning to attend Water Quality Association Convention & Exposition in Las Vegas Annual Convention of water treatment industry promotes betterment of water quality Staff of Read more