Combination Units are specialized systems that offer softening and filtering in one unit, not the usual two separate systems. The benefits of this type of system are many: it saves on space, is cost effective both in the initial purchase and in maintenance costs, and uses less water and salt to operate.

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Filters can improve the quality of water by removing such problems as:  foul odors and taste, sediment, and bacteria. Depending on the type of water problems a solution can be found through one of our systems.

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Membrane technology is an effective process to filter water; it uses no chemicals and is energy efficient.
Existing water pressure forces the water through the membranes leaving behind bacteria, virus, turbidity, and other contaminants. We have systems that can treat the whole home or just one faucet depending on your needs.

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Soft water eliminates mineral buildup inside your pipes, washing machine, dishwasher, and water heater, as well as on your plumbing fixtures. Soft water reduces the amount of soap, household cleaning agents, and detergents that you consume. Soft water has cosmetic benefits for your hair and skin, and improves your clothing's appearance.

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Ultraviolet disinfection is a proven and highly efficient method for water purification without the use of chemical additives. Disinfection destroys pathogens such as E. coli bacteria making the water safer to consume.
The invisible radiant energy in the ultraviolet region of the spectrum (254 nanometers) is lethal to microorganisms. This energy is supplied by the UV lamp, which is made of quartz glass. The lamp is protected from the water by a tube made of quartz glass. Quartz glass is used because it allows 90% transmission of ultraviolet light. The water is exposed to the energy when it passes through the 304 stainless steel chamber around the quartz tube.

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