Ion Exchange Resin

There are a number of different ion exchange resins available for different applications.  The Master Water Conditioning Satin Series use C-800 cation exchange softening resin.  The remaining resins listed below are used in special applications for reduction of nitrates, uranium, tannin, total alkalinity, and arsenic.  Depending on the application and contaminants targeted for removal, the specific resin will vary, but the functioning principles of ion exchange and regeneration are the same.  Most resins can be regenerated with sodium chloride.

C-800 Water Softening Resin

C-800 is a high capacity, cation exchange resin of the sulfonated polystyrene type.  C-800 is used to remove calcium and magnesium hardness, iron, and manganese from the water supply.  The standard operating capacity of C-800 is 30,000 grains of compensated hardness removal per cubic foot, with 15 pounds of salt per regeneration.

C-800 utilizes the cation exchange process.  Cation exchange means that the C-800 actually exchanges the hardness, iron, and manganese in the water for sodium or potassium located on the surface of the C-800.  After the pre-calculated amount of hardness, iron, and manganese has entered the softener, the C-800 is regenerated with sodium or potassium chloride which replaces the hardness now located on the surface of the C-800.

C-800F Fine Mesh Water Softening Resin

C-800F is a high quality, gel-type, high capacity fine mesh cation resin for use in most domestic and industrial water softening applications. C-800F resin has far more surface area per square foot than typical water softening resin.  The result is faster kinetics and more ion exchange capacity per regeneration, using similar amounts of salt.

SIR-100-HP Anion Resin

ResinTech SIR-100-HP is a chloride form macroporous nitrate selective strong base anion resin.  SIR-100-HP has a unique functionality that increases selectivity for nitrate and decreases selectivity for sulfate.  This results in higher operating capacity, lower leakage, and freedom from nitrate dumping if operated past sulfate breakthrough.  SIR-100-HP is intended for all nitrate removal applications, and can also be used to remove perchlorate.  SIR-100-HP is supplied in the chloride form.

SIR-22P-HP Tannin Removal Resin

Unique very high porosity, type I strong base resin with least possible chloride increase and low amine leaching.

SBG-2 Strong Base Anion Resin

SBG2 is a chloride form, type 2 gel, strong base anion resin. SBG2 has high capacity, high chemical efficiency and good resistance to fouling. SBG2 is intended for use in the chloride form for removal of contaminants such as nitrate, arsenate, chromate, uranium, etc., as well as in the hydroxide form for all types of deionizing systems.  Master Water Conditioning primarily uses SBG-2 for dealklization and uranium removal.  SBG2-OH is especially well suited for use for systems where amine odors might be objectionable.  SBG2 is supplied in the chloride form or in the hydroxide form (when ordered as SBG2-OH).


ASM-10-HP is a chloride form, arsenic selective, hybrid anion exchange resin.  ASM-10-HP  has hydrated iron oxide monoatomically dispersed throughout the polymer.  It captures arsenate first by ion exchange and then by absorption into the iron oxide hybrid.  ASM-10-HP is intended for arsenic removal from potable water, and can also be used as an ion exchanger for removal of uranium and other trace level contaminants.