The Master Water Clarifier Series

The Master Water Clarifier Series is the ultimate whole home water filtration system for reducing dirt, acid, iron, and offensive tasting water.  A prevailing home water challenge is preventing corrosive water and reducing leaching of unhealthy contaminants that seep from your plumbing into your water.  If you see staining on your fixtures or other appliances, you know you have a water quality problem.  Our water filtration systems can treat a variety of common household water conditions, including iron, chlorine, turbidity and low
pH.  If left untreated, these factors can cause unpleasant water taste and smell, and conditions unfavorable to your family’s health.  What’s more, over time costly issues will develop, such as discolored clothes, tub and toilet stains, sediment build-up, corrosion and deterioration of your plumbing and reduced longevity of water-using appliances.

MCA-AC Models- Taste/Odor Reduction

The AC Models eliminate unpleasant chlorine taste and odor found in some water supplies. Our chlorine filters use a high-capacity based Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), which continues to remove chlorine for years. The AC Models will make your entire home chlorine-free without costly filter cartridge replacements.

MCA -AN Models- Acid Neutralizer

The AN Models eliminate blue/green staining associated with acidic water and corrects corrosive pH levels. The corrosive water is neutralized when it passes through a sacrificial calcium and magnesium based media called Calcite and/or NS Mix. Media must be added to the unit at least once a year – a job made easy with our dome plug feature.

MCA-MM Models- Turbidity Reduction

The MM Models are designed to reduce turbidity particles as small as 10 microns. The multi-media in the MM systems uses a simple regeneration cycle to clean the filter bed. The MM Models eliminate the need for costly cartridge replacement used in inline cartridge systems.

Master Clarifier Series Brochure
Master Clarifier Series Application Guide

Clarifier Series Features

• Vortech ® Smart Tank Technology – bottom distributor system improves cleaning of media bed and reduces water needed for regeneration
Optional Regeneration Times – can be set to most convenient time for you
• Smart Valve Technology – factory programmed control valve with complete operational parameters, simply set the timing schedule
Memory Retention – time/date retention during power failure up to 8 hours, factory programmed information stored permanently.

Clarifier Series Benefits

• Choices – choose from multiple systems to treat your specific water issues
• Money Saving – reduces deterioration in plumbing and appliances
• Efficient – easily program unit to tell you when service is required
• Reliable – high quality systems are manufactured in the USA
• Easy-to-use – convenient “dome plug feature” for adding media
on all AN models
• Factory Support – for the life of the unit