WOW RO Leak Detection System

The WOW RO Leak Detection System is now available from TOPPER Manufacturing, Corp.  The system is designed to detect water that may collect in the base from a loose connection or improperly connected cartridges and turn off water to the system.  The leak detection tray contains a small shut off valve that is mounted to the base of the tray.  In the event that a leak were to occur, the leak detection tray would fill with water.  The shutoff valve contains a small water expandable pill that swells with water to force a cantilever to close the valve.

The leak detection tray is easy to install on new systems or retrofit to an existing system.  Each Leak Detection Tray comes with three screws to attach the tray to the bottom of the WOW RO unit.  The tray also comes with two single use water absorbent expandable pills.  Installation instructions are available below or you can use this link to watch the installation video from Topper Manufacturing. The WOW RO Leak Detection System is now available for purchase.


Installation Instructions WOW RO Leak Detection Tray