The Master Water Clarifier Series

The Master Water Clarifier Series is the ultimate whole home water filtration system for reducing dirt, acid, iron, and offensive tasting water.  A prevailing home water challenge is preventing corrosive water and reducing leaching of unhealthy Read more

The Master Water Alliance Series

The Master Water Alliance Series space saving technology combines two separate water treatment solutions in one.  The Alliance Series offers treatment solutions for corrosion, chlorine, taste, odor and other impurities through filtration in addition Read more

Iron Staining or Pink Slime?

Almost everyone has noticed that pink or red slime slime that forms on wet surfaces or near the water line in their toilet.  Whether its a dog bowl, faucet, shower doors and tiles, or bathroom floors, they are susceptible to this phenomenon.  But Read more

Chlorine vs Chloramine: Whats the difference?

Water municipalities are required by law to disinfect water that is to be used for public consumption.  For most of the 20th century, chlorine and chloramine have been added to public drinking water because they are strong oxidizers and disinfectant Read more

WQA Convention & Exposition 2019 Las Vegas, Nevada

    Master Water Conditioning to attend Water Quality Association Convention & Exposition in Las Vegas Annual Convention of water treatment industry promotes betterment of water quality Staff of Read more


NITRATES: ORIGINS AND HEALTH AFFECTS Nitrogen is essential for plant growth, but the presence of excessive amounts in water supplies presents a major pollution problem.  Nitrogen compounds may enter water as nitrates or be converted to nitrates from Read more


WHAT IS SILICA? Silica is a collective term that encompasses all reactive and inert forms of the chemically resistant dioxide SiO2 of silicon or silicates.  It is formed from silicon and oxygen in combination with one or more minerals or metals.  Read more


Coliform bacteria are a common contaminant in water wells across the country, and are classified under primary drinking water standards as established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Coliform bacteria is a term to describe a large Read more


WHAT ARE TANNINS? Most people expect their drinking water to be safe and colorless.  Some water sources, however, appear to have a yellow or brown color to them that does not settle out, like that from iron discoloration.  At times, the color may Read more

Master Fusion System Maintenance and Care

The Master Fusion Series systems all require annual maintenance to ensure they're effectiveness.  The ozone generators on Master Fusion products are delivered factory tested, calibrated, and adjusted for maximum efficiency and long life.  Simple Read more